Thursday, May 13, 2010

Life Update

So I haven't posted many of these of late as life has been too busy to write, but not interesting enough to write about - at least for anyone else (of course I personally am endlessly fascinated by the things I learn from my students every day, the new ways Little Tyke learns to communicate almost by the hour, etc.). But I figured enh.

  • I'm doing alright. Still subbing, but that's picked up a bit, as has my work with the virtual school. All's well, more good days than bad days in the substitute teaching world, which means few complaints from myself, my employers, or my students. :) It's hummin' along, and as a sub who's qualified on the high school and elementary levels it means every day's a new adventure. I LOVE teaching different age groups, it keeps things fresh and I always learn something new from it that I can take along with me to other classes. Looking forward to some adventures in the month or so ahead - a week from tomorrow we're heading to Montreal for my uncle's birthday. Our first weekend away from LT, who will be in his paternal grandparents' capable hands. The Monday, my parents are 'following us' back to Ottawa, as well as my brother, to get their own LT fix. And one month from this weekend ... FLORIDA AND THE MOUSE!!! YES.
  • Ari is doing pretty well as well - same things as me on the personal life front, and I think also getting a great deal of fulfillment on the professional front. Good performance reviews, good friends at work - we actually have a couple of things socially coming up in Ottawa with some friends of Ari's from work, and mine from Wondercafe ... it should be good.
  • LT is developing along nicely. Walking, playing, and his comprehension is fabulous (he can point out his hair, nose, mouth and tummy on demand, say Dada, Yeah, No, Good, Up, etc. with *some* consistency). We aren't terribly concerned about his development at all at this point, but to the extent there's anything he's on the 'low end of normal' with its his communication, and we're heading to a speech therapy screening on Saturday. Everything else though speaks to a happy, healthy little boy - and even that, he's still hardly way behind, and it's still more than in the realm of 'normal kids develop differently'.
So yup. Some good times for our little family. How about YOU and YOURS?

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