Monday, February 22, 2010

Nice Weekend with the In Laws

So if you're wondering where I've been it's been a busy few days - I had work Thursday and Friday, and my in-laws visited this weekend. Story of blogging lately - but at least it means even if I go 3-4 days without blogging, I have stuff to talk about when I get here! This weekend was a good one - we went to dinner with Ari's parents, and out skating on the Rideau Canal with them and Little Tyke the next afternoon, meeting my cousin and her new SO and his son in the process. Saturday night Ari and I had our first real evening date in awhile - we went to dinner at a GREAT Scottish pub, before seeing 'Precious' at the movie theatres and getting a night cap (or two) at our favourite bar (or at least mine), the Honest Lawyer's in the Byward Market. Of course the night was topped off with some truly greasy grubb at Dunn's Smoked Meat.

Sunday was quiet - we were going to go to Cosmic Adventures this excellent indoor playground here in Ottawa but LT was a cranky little guy (go teething) and we didn't think he'd play well or be happy with other kids for very long, so we spent the day at home before checking out WWE's Elimination Chamber PPV and having an early-ish night (comparatively). Ari had wanted to perhaps instead check out the Canada-US Olympic hockey game, but I think in retrospect we're glad we didn't (sigh). Today? Back to the routine of course, but it was a good day of teaching, Ari enjoys his job, and while LT whined a bit going back to his sitter's, we all survived. Happy new week everyone!

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