Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Baby Mood Swings

Did you know babies are as moody as teenagers? Yup. True.

Little Tyke had a phenomenally happy and productive weekend ... cementing a lot of new developments we'd seen him working on in previous weeks. Monday and yesterday however? VERY unpretty diapers (moreso than usual), ZERO appetite, lethargic (which, if anyone knows LT, knows that's about the very last word that would ever describe him), and big bright red cheeks ... Yup. The teething monster has hit again, only about 10 days after his last real bout with it (we count 3 big, angry 'bubbles' on his gums).

And yet today? Much much much happier and playful, more like my sweet little buddy ... still fighting feeding at breakfast and lunch though. But he finally ate his lunch around 2/2:30 ... then? Snack around 3:30 before napping. After his nap? A full bottle (one more than he usually has), and another snack. Plus a large dinner. Oh yes ... my wee man is back ... and he's HONGREH! :)

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