Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sweetheart Saturday

I wanted to thank Ari for such a great trip this week. Despite having a very busy few days before taking off, and so being incredibly tired starting our trip, Ari was an excellent travelling and parenting partner on our first family road trip with Little Tyke. I hope I was as understanding and supportive of his being tired and busy, and I KNOW I expressed my appreciation for taking most of LT's overnight feedings for example, since I do when he's at work. But I wanted to do so publicly - we both needed a chance this week to recharge our batteries, and I had mine; I'm not so sure Ari had his, as he had a job interview in Ottawa, and did the driving (as I'm still not 100% comfortable on the major highways); but I hope it was at least somewhat more relaxing than being at work, and that I was as good a member of his team as he was of mine. :)

Love you.