Friday, March 27, 2009

Return of the prodigal blogger

So I'm home. :) I'm exhausted. We took 10 hours to get back from Montreal yesterday, and today Little Tyke had his 4 month well baby checkup and some vaccinations etc. So I'm not up to a super duper long post except to say we had a great time in Kingston and Ottawa catching up with friends, and in Montreal with family. I'm also glad to be back in my home in my bed in my surroundings with my routine (and a pile of groceries and laundry of course), but the trip was awesome. Although I did miss blogging.

Over the weekend I'm going to do a Sweetheart Saturday post and update my 101 things as I said and give myself a redo; I'm also going to wish my friend Alex a great trip as she's in Ottawa herself now visiting a blog friend of hers - road trips are fun. Hope everyone had a good week, and has a great weekend. I'll be around! :)

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