Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sweetheart Saturday

So I was going to write about how Ari looked after Little Tyke and me last night when I had a cold ... or how he's taking me out on a date tonight while LT spends the evening with Grandma ... any number of good things like that. And those are all true. But then I read Alex's Sweetheart Saturday over at I'm the Mom, and I've got to second her vote. When left to my own devices, I have to admit I'm a sandwich, KD, or eat out kind of girl - Ari is a good cook, however, and is very intelligent about swapping in one kind of oil for another, or using different cuts of meat, or what have you, with different recipes to make them as healthy as possible. I have complained at times he only has a few meals in his repertoire, but

1. He's always looking for and trying new ones, and does well with those too so it isn't really a fair complaint and

2. Even if that's the case, if he makes them well, we enjoy them and they're healthy, then so what? lol It's more than I can do.

Well that's not true either, it's more than I DO do. I can cook - and quite well in fact - it's just not a chore I particularly enjoy and am more than happy to usually let Ari take care of. Especially since he's home earlier in the days from work now. Although when he was working until 7, 8 and 9 pm, I did often have something ready for him to eat when he came home ... even if at least a couple times a week it was cooked using a phone. ;)

Remember to turn your clocks ahead tonight guys and don't let the loss of an hour's sleep get you too bad! :)


Unknown said...

:-D ;-) xo

Unknown said...

Of course, what have I suggested for tonight, but...eating out! Oh well, grocery shopping tomorrow, and some *good meals* to back up this praise during the week!