Friday, January 23, 2009

Sweetheart Saturday

Wow - proof I don't post anywhere near enough, I think this was only 2 or 3 entries ago this week lol. It's been a busy one. Which is what I want to write about for this Sweetheart Saturday (a bit early, but hey it's after midnight, that counts).

It's been a really busy and tired week for Ari and I. He's had work, Little Tyke's had two doctor's appointments (nothing wrong, just checkups etc.) and I'm heading into tech week on the show I'm directing. So no problems *between* us per se, but we've had a hard time connecting.

Until this morning when Ari - you know the one who goes to work etc. - woke me up with a snuggle with him and LT, and a bacon and egg breakfast before he headed off to work. Ari and I have many strengths in our marriage - we're both pretty good at understanding each other, we have a lot in common, similar values ... but we're both busy, and don't always put our marriage first. A moment like this is a great reminder that we all should make the effort to do those little things to connect with our loved ones - they take so little time (making breakfast took 10 mins.), something like that costs so little money, but it means so much.

Thank you honey!!! XXX

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Alex @ I'm the Mom said...

Aww! What a sweet thing for Ari to do!! I agree, we (as in society) don't put our marriages first often enough.