Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Some people are just rude ...

My husband, Little Tyke and I live in a townhouse.
This means we have neighbours immediately
On the other side of both outside walls.
Knowing this, and that we have a new baby,
We try to be respectful -
Respond to his crying as quickly as possible,
If he's truly upset
Have him more in the middle of the house, etc.

However we think some understanding
From them is important too.
Newborn babies cry in the middle of the night.
We wake up quickly,
And immediately get him his food -
But we can't teleport from our bed
To the fridge to him. It takes a few seconds.

Our neighbours have decided from time to time
It's acceptable to bang on our wall
If he cries more than 15-30 seconds
At night. I know it's loud and we're sorry,
But do you think we enjoy it?
Do you think we're just sitting here thinking
'Let's let our baby cry'?

And hey - even if we were those kind of parents,
And weren't responding to our beloved son
On whom we dote,
If we were the kind to ignore our own baby's cries
Nice and loud in our own house,
Do you really think we're going to pay attention
To you knocking on our walls?

I don't know - there might be some ways
We could move faster. Keep his bottles in his room,
For example, in a cooler for late at night.
But I still find this rude - though that could just be me.

Thanks for listening - I hate using this blog
To complain or vent and I've been trying
To keep a more positive tone of late
(Things have been good so it hasn't been too hard!)
But this really bugged me.
Again - thanks for indulging. Cheers,
And have a great day. Now that that's off my chest,
*I'm* going to! :D

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Alex @ I'm the Mom said...

When I had Racer, I lived in a townhouse. I was lucky though; on one side I had people who had children as well and understood the crying at night and on the other side were people who didn't seem to care (we rarely even saw them).

My suggestions;
1 - Calmy and politely talk to them. Ask that they not bang on the wall because it upsets Little Tyke even more than he already is, causing him to cry louder and longer.
2 - If they continue or become rude in any way, contact your supers immediately and put in a formal complaint.
3 - If you've put in a complaint three times, I would go down to the local police department and just ask someone what you can do. I don't think there is anything you can do, it's just the "joys" of living in a townhouse, but at least you will have checked.