Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Quick Check In

Hi all, just wanted to check in as it's been awhile since I've really updated you guys on everything. While on the one hand it feels like not much is going on here, there really is a whole lot of that nothing goin' on lol - loving every minute with Little Tyke still, following with interest as my friend Alex as well as my mom awaits buying and selling houses, looking forward to introducing LT to a whole whack of friends this weekend ... I'm also directing a play which has been going well except as winter illness and weather has hit, we haven't rehearsed as much as we'd have liked. Sigh ...

But all is basically well; we're in good health and good spirits here, and while my grandfather is in the hospital again he seems to be in as good spirits as can be expected as well. We have a healthy, wonderful baby, supportive family and friends and are in a really good place, even though no one thing is really new or brilliant. But really honestly, that's the best kind of life, isn't it - nothing too stressful or overwhelming, just generally good and humming along to the tune you want it to. :) I hope everyone else's 2009 is off to the same start ours is. It's a fresh year with no mistakes in it yet - let's all make the most of it! :D

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Alex @ I'm the Mom said...

Big hugs! Glad things are going well with you, Ari and LT. You're right, life is better when there's nothing stressful or overwhelming.