Friday, January 30, 2009

Good goodness

So it's been a busy but happy couple of days. Some blessings to be thankful for

- I have awesome parents and in-laws who've helped with Liam this week as my show opened.
- "Echo" and the other one-acts going on for KWLT right now have been successful; well performed, well attended ... so happy.
- I was so pleased with the kids I tutor today as well, they've come so far this school year it's so gratifying to see them learn and grow. :)

On a personal note ...

We met LT's birth mom today. She's a sweet girl, and we feel so good about our role in his life, and the peace of mind we've been able to give her (and the peace of mind we've gotten from meeting and talking to her). It's a ... different ... situation, but it went as smoothly as humanly possible, and for that we're so thankful.

Now - having said that - I have a couple of friends and relatives on my mind right now who haven't been as lucky as us, and have had a rough few days or weeks (depending on who they are); I wish them peace, happiness and resolution. Only a couple of them ever read this (I think lol, I guess you never know), but I thought I'd put my support and prayers out there. :) Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend, and TGIF.

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