Saturday, February 16, 2008

To you, to us ...

To those of you everywhere - Happy Belated Valentine's Day!
Whether 'attached' or not, I hope everyone got to spend it w/someone loved.
To those of us in Ontario - Happy Family Day Weekend.
I dunno about the economy, but after the week I've had,
I'm pretty grateful to Dalton McGuinty for giving me an extra day to recover!
A busy, social weekend ahead, but also hopefully a relaxing one
With good family and good friends -
What more could anyone ask for?
Oh, and wrestling fans! Enjoy the No Way Out PPV on Sunday -
I'm not sure I'm down with TWO Elimination Chambers on one PPV,
It seems kind of like overload to me I must admit,
But it looks like a PPV with lots of high quality wrestling, and hey!
It's the last PPV before Wrestlemania,
So you KNOW there will be some good build.
In the words of a true legend who will never die (or retire!) -

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