Saturday, February 16, 2008

Chris Benoit report

OK I want to switch tacks today a bit - none of my 'poesie', or videos, bells or whistles or gimmicks to make my silly girl ramblings sound more interesting. I want to talk about something quite serious, that has been bothering me for quite a bit.

Chris Benoit. Anyone in North America, and any wrestling fan in the world at this point, knows the name. Former world champion, loving father, devoted husband, locker room leader, respected and liked by all in the biz who apparently went psycho one dreadful weekend, murdering his wife, then his son, and then taking his own life in what was certainly one of, if not THE, darkest hour(s) in wrestling history.

The final police report came out this week, claiming

* A history of abuse towards Nancy, and her worries that he would hurt her.
* A history of drug abuse on his part, and alcoholism on hers.
* Her concerns he was having an affair with one of the WWE Divas (on-air female talent).
* A history of tumult in the marriage, resulting in many angry hotel stays on both their parts.

All well and good (well not, but you know what I mean) - obviously this marriage involved tumultuous and rocky personalities, which is to be expected when you consider the industry they were both involved in. Obviously this did not come so much from 'Out Of Nowhere' as we Chris Benoit fans might have all hoped and thought it did. BUT ...

WWE attorneys jumping all over this as evidence that the murders were a result of a domestic dispute and nothing more - not concussions, not drugs - I think is a bit like Pilate washing his hands after issuing his execution order on Jesus, claiming to simply be giving the crowds what they wanted.

* What about Daniel? Were Chris and his SEVEN YEAR OLD SON involved in a 'domestic dispute'? That does not sound like the actions of a violent but otherwise sound guy who by all accounts loved his son.

* DRUGS WERE INVOLVED! Nancy spoke of flushing Chris's stash several times, to his dismay. Steroids and HGH were found in his body on autopsy.

Sorry WWE - you are not 'at fault', no. You are not a guilty party. But you are 'responsible', going forward, to look after the health of your wrestlers - physical and mental and emotional - and ensure that this never happens again. Because without working at this issue, it will. And the blood will never wash off.

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