Sunday, May 22, 2011

Victoria Day Weekend

Wishing you all a lovely long weekend. We're most of the way thru it and on our end it's been lovely. Despite starting on Friday with our son having an allergic reaction to a vaccine, and the news of the untimely death of wrestling legend (and one of my personal favourites) Randy 'Macho Man' Savage, I think our little family has since rallied, as Benadryl has worked its wonders, and we had a lovely day yesterday enjoying a travelling fair here in Ottawa, as well as the end of the Tulip Festival near Dow's Lake. We're a bit unsure of what we're going to turn today and tomorrow into, as it's supposed to be thunder-stormy at any time now, but there IS a WWE pay per view tonight I'm sure we'll end up watching, and we'll figure out a lovely way to spend tomorrow and wrap up our weekend ... perhaps Cosmic Adventures style? Although picturing the crowds ... hmmm ...

Perhaps the most amazing fact is that we're all still here, seeing as yesterday was supposed to be the Rapture and all according to Rev. Howard Camping and his Family Radio folks. After all the talk of destruction surrounding Judgement Day, it has been lovely to celebrate creation at church today as we planted a butterfly garden, to provide chemical free wildflowers for our local butterfly population. While the Sunday School, who was supposed to scatter the seeds, were only two in number with the long weekend, we still had fun joining the rest of the congregation outside for singing and blessing our new creation. May the butterflies enjoy it as much as we enjoyed setting it out for them.

Blessings on butterfly wings into the new week, everyone. Much love!

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