Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Mother's Day (belatedly)

I just wanted to take the time, after a lovely and busy weekend, first of all to thank my boys, Ari, Little Tyke and Little J, for a lovely couple of family days. We spent Saturday out and about downtown Ottawa, enjoying the first day of the Tulip Festival ... an annual festival celebrating a gift of millions of tulips given to us by Dutch princess Juliana due to granting her and her two daughters refugre during World War II. In fact, her third daughter, Princess Margrieth, was born right here in Ottawa! On Sunday, Mother's Day itself, Ari surprised me with a trip to Kingston, where we were going to take a 1000 Islands boat cruise ... unfortunately there wasn't enough demand for the cruise, so instead we wandered the city, spending some time in a local park, visiting my old university campus, grabbing some yummy Thai food and tiring out the boys before the drive home. lol

Perhaps more importantly than all that though ... I want to extend a Happy Mother's Day to

First and foremost my mother Jean. She is the most awesomest woman I have ever met, and it is my life's mission to be more like her - less combative, more selfless, focusing on the positive and with a good handle on the priorities in life. She is my hero and there's nothing more I can say about that.

Beyond that in no particular order, my other moms. My grandma Jean had as big a hand as anyone in raising me and to this day we are still incredibly close. She used to tell me once the time would come I'd be less and less interested in visiting her ... not true! :) I love our time together, either on the phone or in person. And my step-mother Monique is also an amazing woman - strong in faith, long in patience, such a wonderful love and support not just to my dad, but to my brother and I too. And my mother-in-law Val, who has always been such a calm, supportive influence in our family; she raised a great man (who was smart enough to fall in love with me, haha), dotes on my kids, and has welcomed me happily into her family - I can't ask for more in a MIL.

Last but not least - to all the moms I know. I'd list them but I know I'd forget some. Alex ... Joanna ... Kate ... Marjorie ... Anne ... the moms I know from churches and schools ... and to those moms whose roles aren't necessarily 'defined'. To my cousin Allison who will be taking on two step-kids when she gets married next month, and to my boys' other mother, who did the most selfless and giving thing she could to provide them with (I'd like to think) a good home, and us with the two best sons we could have dreamed of. May everyone, every mom in their way, have had a lovely day yesterday, and feel Mother's Day all the rest of the year long.

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