Monday, May 9, 2011

Once and For All ...

Inspired by a conversation Ari had today ... and an ensuing convo on Facebook ... I want to address once and for all questions we get asked on a regular basis by strangers (yes strangers) at parks, malls, grocery stores, what have you, when we're out with the boys.

  • Yes they are darker than us.
  • And no (when one of us is out alone with them), my husband (or Ari's wife) is not black - they were adopted.
  • No, it wasn't our choice, we are infertile, so ...
  • No, we can't have 'biological' children, although
  • Yes, we do have kids of our own. you're looking at them.
  • Yes, they are 'real brothers'. They are also biological brothers.
  • I will not tell you the story of their bio parents other than 'they made the right call' - that's not my story to share, even if I thought you were entitled to it.
  • They were adopted from Canada ...
  • Through the public system, and
  • No, it did not take forever.
  • And might I add, on behalf of all parents in general and adoptive parents specifically ...
  • That the simple fact of me having children does not entitle you to my life story, but since we're going there -
  • Why is your three year old still drinking out of a baby bottle,
  • Or five year old still sucking on a pacifier?
  • Why aren't you breast feeding?
  • Yeah ... we are a family, just as real as yours, we're doing just fine, and we are now moving on. Thank you.
End rant.


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(wild applause)

Unknown said...

lmfao I love it! I'm sharing it!