Monday, April 5, 2010

A Lovely Weekend

It was Easter this weekend and a perfect example of looking at the positives rather than the negatives - something my friend Alex has been teaching me by example, and which without even realizing it I find I've applied. Case in point:

We had wanted a movie date Saturday afternoon before meeting up with friends while Ari's parents babysat. We ended up skipping the movie and only a small number of friends managed to make it - but we skipped said movie in order to have a lovely afternoon with our son and my in-laws at the playground, and the people who DID make it to dinner all knew each other and got along well and we had a lovely time.

I'd wanted to go to church Sunday morning - however Little Tyke had trouble sleeping until midnight Saturday and we took the opportunity the next morning to sleep in when he did - but instead we got to enjoy a lovely brunch with my father. I have communed often with the Lord since moving to Ottawa and discovering a truly inspiring church community to be a part of - but it was nice to spend time with my dad and step-mom, two busy professionals who we don't always get to see as often as we'd like. My brother, who I love and miss, wasn't able to join us, and my mom was out of the country on vacation, but we had a lovely trip to the park, a great meal, and saw a nice movie in THE BLIND SIDE.

My tendency at times would be to focus on the sleepless baby, the missing people, the lack of church on the Holiest day of the year ... but I instead consider God to have blessed me with time with my family, a baby who despite the sleeplessness was in excellent spirits and charmed everyone as usual, nice time with my friends and lovely weather both for the weekend itself and travel both to and from 'home'. Hope everyone else had a lovely weekend as well. Happy Easter, and Happy Passover all. XO

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