Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Long time no see

Hi all - I know it's been awhile. Sorry - we have been incredibly busy though. We had a very fun family weekend this weekend, full of parks, ice cream, productivity (hurrah running errands), even a pleasant little date afternoon yesterday. Got Little Tyke his new passport so we can go to Disney in June, and set up some work for myself today. Not a whole lot to update - we're all doing well, happy, healthy, wealthy(ish) and wise lol - but I just wanted to say hi and I haven't forgotten you, nor is life too boring to blog about - quite the contrary, I've been too busy enjoying it. ;)

But I do need to ask one thing. What in the blue cheese is this crazy weather? For 3 days straight it has been between 17-20 degrees Celcius, with nice bright sunshine - to the point LT's babysitter was nagging us yesterday (good-naturedly of course) because we'd forgotten his sunscreen; and today? Today? Grey, 2 degrees and snow. Bloody SNOW. Wow. Someone upstairs is kinda bein' weird, sorry. lol

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