Monday, December 21, 2009


Has been one of those days - if I wanted to focus on the negative, it could have been considered a not terribly good one. If I wanted to focus on the positive, it was a spectacular one. Me? While I'm for focusing on the positive, I'm also for being real. So here's what my day has looked like, negatives first, so they can be gotten off my chest and I'm left with the positives.

  • Little Tyke slept a lot, while I'd had a lot of fun plans for some structured play today, being my first full day with him (alone - ie no babysitter, no Ari) in about a week. This also worried me from a health standpoint, as anyone who knows LT knows he is a little dynamo.
  • He also had no appetite, and in fact fought me quite hard on food, eating half his breakfast and none of his lunch. Of course, for an insecure dolt like myself, the fact that Ari waltzed in and fed him no problem didn't help.
  • So excited was LT by something as rare and valuable as a diaper change (noted: sarcasm), that as I picked him up he headbutted me straight in the nose, winding and disorienting me and hard enough that it hurt him and got him crying too. A fun time was had by all.
  • Not a good day for dieting as it was easier to order a pizza for lunch and eat the leftovers for dinner, not knowing how long LT would be down with any particular nap.
  • While LT was up he played very well, and I think at a more advanced level than usual, putting his new Little People in the right places on their train, and rolling the ball back and forth with me. When he was inevitably up when my lunch arrived, he sat nicely in his high chair and let me eat while he played with some toys I set out for him. So much like mommy, it wasn't entirely a bad and crabby day, just an up and down one.
  • He drank most of his 'lunch bottle' from a sippy cup, which is our goal to practice with over the holidays. I'm proud of this.
  • LT learned 'Mama' yesterday, and I think has some sense of the meaning, as he patted Ari and I both at one point today and correctly called us "Dada" and "Mama" respectively.
  • His sleepiness and my quick lunch allowed me to get a lot of housework done around here that needed to get done as we have company coming tomorrow.
So ... yes. Clouds in my day today? Sure. Did each and every one have a silver lining? Yup!

Well ... except my nose. That still just hurts and I don't know what good can come of THAT lol.

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Anonymous said...

Sending my hugs and love.

We all have days like this where there are negatives around us. But, the fact that you don't just sweep them under the rug is good. AND the fact that you leave the postives for last is good too.

You're doing great babe. Just remember that :D