Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happy Holidays, Happy New Year

Just wanted to check in and say I hope everyone has had as awesome a Christmas as I have! It's been a challenging month in my little world with a difficult job search, a wonderful but out-of-sorts (for him) little man, and some assorted other drama that I choose not to share at this time (not my story). But having my whole family (yes, my divorced parents, my steps, my brother and his girlfriend) under one roof was the best gift of all this year, suffice to say. Just that alone, I hope, everyone has had the chance to experience - along with some very pleasant visiting with my in-laws as well!

On top of this, however, the generosity of our family has our hands decked out in some fun Canada 2010 mitts, Little Tyke well on his way to a drumming career like his Uncle Kyle, and the three of us going to DISNEY WORLD in the spring, thanks to all of the above parents and my grandparents. Fabulosity. Hearts all around. But while I have been blown away by such a kind gift and expressing as much to everyone, I wanted to take another moment to say that what I am most thankful for, again, has been the gift of time reconnecting with my family, and seeing the friends who have stuck with me through this past eventful year. A look back on 2009 reveals perhaps one of the most rewarding and stressful years since we got married - and we have gotten through it, imho, fabulously. Hope everyone else can say the same.

Either way though, if your 2009 has been great OR stressful, or both, I wish you all an even better 2010! Since I'm still 'at home for the holidays' I don't know when I'll next get to post before New Year, but I will try, and in the meantime hope the holidays are treating everyone fabulously. Xs and Os.

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