Sunday, October 4, 2009


Hi guys -

Hope all's weekend has been good. We did some puttering around the house yesterday as well as having my cousin Allison over for dinner last night. She had been kind enough to let me stay at her place when I got work in Ottawa 3 weeks before we were scheduled to move here; we already had a week here booked for house hunting so I needed to crash at her house for two weeks, and she made a wonderful hostess and roommate. Was happy on some small level to be able to return the favour for the yummy meals she fed me and the good company she was.

Today we made arrangements with Little Tyke's new babysitter, who starts this week, and otherwise I've spent a quiet day hanging out at home with my men and watching old Jem and the Holograms episodes on Youtube (check out twisteddream's account on Youtube for like, all episodes of Jem. I forgot how good this show was as 80s kid shows/cartoons go!). I have also learned I'm Tuberculosis free (yup - random - but schools and schoolboards make you take a TB test before hiring you), and that the Appletree Clinic in Ottawa is good stuff. :) Overall a good weekend, going into a short week for those working schlubs out there as it will soon be Thanksgiving weekend and all (yeah for our first trip home since moving!). Hope it's a good one for everyone!

Pax - Sarah

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