Friday, October 23, 2009

Little Tyke Update!

Haven't done one of these in awhile.

Little Tyke
  • is sleeping through the night! 7 nights straight now!
  • is starting to definitely mimic the stuff we say.
  • calls Ari 'Dada' and me 'Bobbob' (or perhaps Bubba, which I call *him* all the time).
  • is closer and closer to standing on his own he CAN stand but not STAY up, and that's lasting longer and longer each day; in related news, he's falling better and better.
  • has been a bit crankier than usual as he's teething, but is still basically good-humoured.
  • is a smart little cuss; he cries whenever I drop him off at his sitter's, but apparently stops as SOON as he hears the door shut behind me.
  • is a size 4 in shoes ... the last size in 'infant' shoes before he's in 'toddler' shoes (tear).
  • is about to celebrate his first Halloween. Which I think is the last of the firsts for holidays (except Remembrance Day, which we'll be taking him to Parliament Hill).
In short ... he's doing awesome. :) Loves me my little guy.

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