Monday, December 29, 2008

Some New Year's Resolutions

I figure it's about the time to start thinking of these. :)

1. Be the best mom and wife I can be to my little family of three.
2. Be the best daughter, granddaughter, sister, niece, etc. to the rest of my family as they've been wonderful to me.
3. Be the best friend I can be - my friends deserve it. :)
4. Continue to lose the weight I started to lose this year.
5. Direct a successful play to kick off '09, and stay involved in theater.
6. Use my maternity leave for Professional Development, taking a course or two - something.
7. Get a contract for September when I'm back to work. Or at least an long-term temp job given I've had some time off.
8. Possibly most importantly for ANY of these to succeed - enjoy life. Right now. The moment I'm in. I have a bad habit of either longing for the next big adventure, or living in the past, and missing 'now'. Which would be tragic right now given that this time of my life is what I've been living for - I'm a wife and I have a beautiful child and my career is going well. My family is in good health, I have good friends, a lovely home, food on my table and almost anything I could want - count those blessings instead of dwelling on things that go wrong. Because really, I've learned - none of it's worth it. The above is what matters.

Do any of you have any resolutions?

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Alex @ I'm the Mom said...

My only one is to continue therapy.

Other than that, I do a horrile job remembering them lol.