Saturday, September 6, 2008


Sorry for the delay, I don't usually like posting further apart than every other day but hey - busy-ness! I'm working again.

Which has been going well, might I say - a very good start to the school year I think, and as young as it is that is encouraging to me. :) Good to see my kids again - they've grown up some over the summer, and I know them a bit better, it's really nice to have a chance to build this kind of rapport at a school - and my fellow staff members. A really happy week, and a decent weekend so far to boot - so productive like I haven't been all summer!

Of course I wish this gig I've got was for the full year, or that something that was full year had come up, as much as I'd miss the little circle of friends and students I've come into at my school, but even that you know, I'm looking at now as 'what's meant for you won't pass you by', and I'm actually looking forward to the adventures and challenges, as well as the opportunities and security of having another year teaching under my belt, that the upcoming year is going to provide. With that and so many other things in my life coming together, you know, I'm feeling really good about the future.

Let me say if you're having a rough time, there's nothing like some time with good friends and a nice vacation, like I got in spades at the end of this summer, and a successful return to something you love and haven't done in awhile (my job), to put things in perspective. It was a long boring summer in which everyone I value was busier than me for a time, that anyone reading my blog could see had gotten me down until towards the end, but I'm even glad for that as it allowed me to get some things out of my proverbial inbox that needed to be cleared out, and to value what was coming up (my trip to Sauble, back to school, etc.) all the more.

Even this weekend, which would have otherwise been spent lying around being bored and lethargic, was spent getting my car washed and vacuumed, calling my grandma who I hadn't talked to in too long, seeing off a friend who's about to leave the country, going to a movie I've been wanting to see in awhile, and doing some shopping and errands that needed to be done. PLUS we get to entertain my dad and stepmom tomorrow night (although, is it us entertaining when they're bringing the food?), who we haven't seen since in awhile since they went on vacation then we were! Wow ... just goes to prove the old saying - want something done? Give it to a busy person ... nothing like keeping moving to get some perspective!

And BTW - lest after a summer full of 'downer' posts leaves this one sounding fake and trying to hard to sound cheery - ask Ari how much happier I've been in the week we were in Sauble and now that school's started. :) More tired? Definitely. Happier as well? Absolutely. Which means I feel a bit foolish for wasting six weeks of beautiful weather and time off being bummed and whiney and hermit-like, but also grateful for them as at this point I feel better than I did even before the summer started, so obviously they did *something*. And since that's where I'm at, I figured after a summer of posts which were kind of depressing, I should share the better side of things too. :D

Oh, and? See The Dark Knight. That is all. XO

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Alex @ I'm the Mom said...

Yay! Glad things are going so nicely right now. YOU ROCK!! WHOOHOO!!!!