Wednesday, September 3, 2008

90210 thoughts ...

Great show -
Funny, entertaining.
Not exactly high brow
Or kind
To teens or adults
Or West Coasters.
But oddly entertaining
In the guilty pleasure
Kind of way.

Neat to see the ties to past characters -
Kelly and Brenda,
Kelly's sister Erin Silver,
Hanna Zuckerman-Vasquez
And Jackie Taylor Silver next week -
Without overwhelming
The new characters and story.
Good job all around -
Again, even if not quite
To say the least.

Don't know how long I'm hooked,
But I'm hooked -
Will tune in to ep 2.
Encourage any former fans to do the same.
It's different -
But if it were the same it would never survive
The comparisons.
Different in a good way,
While being true to the right spirit -
Not a bad start!

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