Friday, September 26, 2008

Odds n Ends

So ...

End of Week 1 of my diet ...

Down 6 lbs. Hurrah!

Have my first appointment at the gym with a personal trainer tomorrow, see how that goes.

Looking forward to seeing my family this weekend for my bro's 21st birthday. Happy Birthday kid!

Hope the debate tonight goes on as planned - if it doesn't, McCain is a coward. And I think the RepubliCANTs are only sabotaging this bailout deal that congressional leaders and the White House are negotiating to basically hold up the debate. BOOOO!!! DEBATE!!! It's what democracy is about.

This week's been a boring one in case you can't tell from my comparatively infrequent blogging, and the fact that said blogging, such as it has been, has been largely made up of short and/or impersonal entries. Figured better that than nothing right? (or maybe not ...? lol)

But you'll for sure hear from me this weekend - other than family plans I'm looking forward to, I've got nothing else going on! :D Take care.

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