Sunday, January 8, 2012

In sickness and health ... And a good laugh.

So I've spent much of the last 2 weeks now feeling like death warmed over; an eye infection meets an awful cold that won't go away, and creates one miserable Sarah.

My eye's currently being treated and improving but one of the side effects of the drops I've been using is light sensitivity. I bit off more than I could chew today as I drove to church for the morning ... which was fine; but by the time it was time to drive myself home the sun was out with a vengeance and bouncing off all the lovely white snow. Usually I would enjoy this and find it quiet pretty, but with my big dilated eyes, it was overwhelming. I got about a block and realized I could no further go.

So what does my wonderful husband do? He bundles up our two boys and buses out to get me. Not too much of a hardship for the kids - who love the bus - but such a nice gesture and I really thank Ari. He was my hero today, and he is wonderful.

I also wanted to share something a cyber-friend of mine posted yesterday; in a pretty miserable week or two (the Holidays were fabulous and I loved the time and generosity of our family and friends, don't get me wrong - I would have liked to have been in better health to enjoy it), this was a fabulous laugh I appreciated, combining well both of my careers as a substitute teacher, and lay minister:

Enjoy your week everyone! :) XO

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