Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Summer Lovin', Havin' a Blast ...

So - it's a busy time in the life of the Daigen clan (yeah I know - does a blog entry go by where I don't say that?). But at least we're at a point now we're into a routine, and it's productive weekdays and fun-filled weekends. I'm excited about the summer.

This weekend is a special time for us, as Saturday is our 6th wedding anniversary, and Sunday is, of course, Father's Day. The weekend afterward is all about family, as my cousin is getting married! Friday is the wedding rehearsal, which I will be attending as I'm doing a reading. Saturday is the wedding itself - my whole mom's side will be there; Kyle my brother is coming up, and my grandmother will be there too. My lovely in-laws are going to come into town to babysit the kiddies so we can go to the wedding, and they'll be joining us at a barbecue at my mother's the Sunday before heading back to Southwestern Ontario.

Canada Day Weekend follows, and maybe by then I'll have convinced the dear husband to head downtown and try our best to catch a glimpse of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge - less formally known as Will and Kate. From there, hopefully at least I will have found a job and we'll have settled in to a routine until the end of August, when we head back to SW Ontario ourselves for Little J's birthday party and naming ceremony, and then to the Jersey Shore to get our GTL on have some R&R and enjoy the boardwalk, the beach, some fun in the sun.

Hopefully in between all that there will be some work accomplished, some reading and blogging done and all that ... what are YOUR summer plans? :)

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