Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Advent and Chanukah

It's a big week - heck, a big month - in the Daigen house. Tonight was the first night of Chanukah, which we celebrated by dancing (was that a hora, Ari?) and singing and opening gifts. Because we also celebrate Christmas, Chanukah we do a bit differently; we do a gift exchange where each person gets one gift a night; in a family of 4, this means two gifts apiece. Eventually, this will turn into a draw, where each family member draws two names out of a hat, and has their name in a hat twice, and such. This way, Chanukah still gets celebrated and acknowledged, but we don't go nuts trying to figure out which gifts are Chanukah, which are Christmas, which are from Mom and Dad, which are from Santa, etc.

Tonight was also the first night of advent. And inspired by a blogger friend of mine, Tatiana (click HERE to see her blog, the Dubious Hausfrau), I've decided to give back this Holiday season. So from now until Dec. 25 (my 'Merry Christmas' blog), I am going to totally copycat her 'Cans for Comments' gig (and while I usually find copy catting annoying, I figure doing so in the name of a good cause, and giving credit to the person who gave me the idea, is fair game ;) ).

How does it work? Well, during the time specified above, I am going to donate a can or box of food to our local foodbank for every comment I get on my blog. So - comment on this post? I'm donating a can to the foodbank. Right up to Christmas day. So a bit different from Tatiana's game, but that's OK too. So please come - post away. XO!


Elizabeth B :) said...

What a great idea!! Here's your first can!!

Unknown said...

Aw!! Want me to play along too? I can do that! That should be interesting. Hmmm ... Ok. Let me play too. PLEASE?! YAY !!!

Happy Awesome Holidays to you guys. heehee. I don't know how you manage to pull of two holidays in one go but I'm proud of the two of you for figuring out the way to do it right. AWESOME job :D


Auntie Laura said...

Glad you had a Happy Chanuka/Advent. I like your idea!
Hugs and kisses to all. Skyp ya soon.

Tatiana said...


Cindy said...

A can for you!! I'm doing the cans for comments too so please come over to my blog and say hi!