Thursday, December 2, 2010

UPDATE: Cans for Comments and Travel

So I don't want to make all my upcoming posts about Cans for Comments, but I wanted to thank folks for my feedback so far - I'm at 5 cans so far, thank you folks - and quickly be sure to give some link love to everyone (I know of ...) playing along right now. :)

Here are the links so far - I'll put them in my sidebar as well.

The founder of this particular feast - Tatiana at
My darlin' friend Alex at
And Cindy at

Meanwhile, I may or may not get the opportunity to post tomorrow. Why??? Because I am going to a very dear friend of mine's wedding. L and I have known each other almost ten years now and have been through a lot together. We've had times of being very close, times of being out of touch (we have probably spent at least half our friendship living in different cities), but I have always considered her a very special person and a wonderful friend who truly deserves the happiness she has found with S. I am sure they will have just a beautiful day tomorrow and I'm thrilled Ari and I get to be a part of it.

Meanwhile, Little Tyke gets to spend his weekend with Nana so as not to haave had to take the 6 hour drive here (Mama misses you, though, my big little boy), and Little Pup came along with us so his grandparents here get some grandbaby love too. Second night of Chanukah with my in-laws. A nice steak, a nice glass of wine, and beautiful candles. Yup ... shaping up to be a lovely weekend. Hope the same is true for everyone else. XO


Elizabeth B said...

Does this post count for a can?
Have fun at the wedding and I can't wait to see you guys this weekend!

Tatiana said...

Enjoy the wedding!

Hmmmmm you seem to know Cindy as well. Interesting. I know her through a web forum I spend WAY to much time on.

Tatiana said...

Oh and I can't take credit for this idea. It's something a friend of mine brought to my attention last christmas and I thought it was FANTASTIC!