Thursday, August 12, 2010

Congratulations, California

This week has been a proud one for California - barely 7 days after a federal judge ruled Proposition 8, which banned gay marriage, unconstitutional, today the stay on same-sex marriages has been lifted and homosexual couples will be allowed to get married as of August 18 (Wednesday of next week).

I have truly been blessed in having been able to marry the person I love - it's a right I have to admit to having taken for granted. But I am a Christian; he is Jewish. Perhaps not much more than a century or two ago, our marriage would have been looked down upon. As it was, it wasn't a 100% smooth road melding our two traditions and having people join us on this ride - although it has turned out to be one of the funkiest and most interesting journeys I've ever embarked on. I can't imagine looking someone I love in the eye, being with them, and knowing full well we will never be able to have quite the same experiences and acceptance as others, and that could be legally recognized and acceptable. This is a huge step in the US, and for that I applaud everyone involved in that legal process.

My message is simple; if you are against gay marriage, don't participate in one! :) Honestly, what is your worry? That they are hell-bound? Well, I personally doubt it but let's say you're right; that's kinda their problem isn't it? I still have a hard time believing God would punish His people for simply following his command to love one another though. And if it's about the sanctity of marriage and all that, well hey! As David Frum pointed out on earlier this week, Bristol Palin, Britney Spears, and Jennifer Lopez have already taken care of that one folks. :)

Congratulations to the California GLBT community; may the rest of the US follow suit in due course. And hey, to my own country of Canada - congratulations on being 5 years ahead of the curve on this one! :) The time has come.

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