Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Warm greetings

Hi guys,
Not the best day today -
Nothing specifically terribly wrong,
Just those grown-up 'life' frustrations that pop up.
Mainly waiting for some work stuff
To fall into place for me for the summer,
For Ari beyond,
We had some plans for a date
That kinda fell through
Due to laziness
And waiting on a phonecall.
Little Tyke
Does not seem to be
A fan of his crib today either.

But I didn't come on here just to whine -
Things have been too good to just be down.
So I came to share I've made some progress with writing
And with the job hunt,
I'm reading a good book,
Enjoying a nice snack,
And trying now to focus on those things,
And to ask if anyone else out there
Has had an awesome day they want to share?
Multiply joys, divide sorrows, right?

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