Sunday, July 19, 2009

Reader's Digest Version

A VERY busy weekend for us - the Reader's Digest version is as follows:

  • Friday we found out Ari got a job he's been waiting on a long time - this means a move to Ottawa. I will miss the life we had here, and I'm excited about the new start in a new city. It's the first time in almost a decade that I will be moving to a brand-new city I've never lived in for the first time. Scary? Yes. The unknown? For sure. Exciting? Hecks yes! :)
  • Meanwhile in the here&now, we took the Little Tyke to his first Highland Games on Saturday to see his world championship tenor drummer Uncle Kyle play; unfortunately we had other commitments in the evening and the band comps ran late enough that we had to leave before my bro was up; but his band won, their first win this season, and Kyle got to play in the tent for the first time this year which was exciting for him. Lots of neat pictures. Our other commitment was a friend's engagement party - lots of faces I recognized from high school, and I got to introduce my best friend to my son finally - she was so happy to meet him, which was gratifying, as I've been telling him all about his Auntie Shari, and her all about Little Tyke. And for myself, as corny as it sounds, I just get silly giddy whenever she's in town - she's just one of those awesome people I have yet to meet anyone who's ever had a problem with her, we have 13 years of friendship behind us and not one argument, and she has the patience of a saint with me and many others within our circle (we're artsy drama people after all). So - Hurray for Shari being in town! :D
  • Today was the 1st birthday party of another friend's son - we got to play with them, as well as Alex from I'm-The-Mom and her family. A lovely weekend and a nice time to enjoy family and friends before the heckacious event that is moving gets underway. I will continue to try to blog regularly but in case I don't, now you know why. So keep up with me if you can, have a great week, I'll be in and out as much as possible, and see you in the funnies. Pax.

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