Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Big 3-0

So if you're wondering where I've been the past week-ish, here's your explanation. On top of the usual 'Life as a busy wife and working mother of two is hectic', I had weekend guests and a birthday party to plan for myself, as well as a gardening date with my mother (THANK YOU! the yard looks awesome). However one of my resolutions going forward at the ripe young age of 30 is it's about time I develop some 'lifehacking' skills, Ari calls them. I enjoy writing, love writing, miss it when I don't, appreciate it when I do, but life gets so far away from me sometimes that when I actually get a chance to sit down, a brainless book or a silly TV show seems a more realistic goal of how to spend my time lol.

However, among many resolutions for the coming decade (among them - keep a healthy working car for more than 2 years ... get a permanent, close-to-full-time job ... have one more child ... become a better housekeeper) is to keep up with my blogs. I see from my newsfeed people read me, and I want to make it a fun place for you guys to come. So please consider from here on out - especially through the summer months where I'm down to 1-2 jobs instead of 3, my efforts here redoubled, with thanks for your patience and in hopes I haven't lost too many of you to my lack of diligence during a scary ridiculous busy first half of 2012 (starting a year, any year, with a car accident and a month-long illness, at least you know it can't get worse, right? but busier it can get). If I HAVE lost you and you're just checking back in in hopes maybe my head has been removed from other less attractive body parts - it has. Stay tuned. For the best is yet to come.

Enjoying the view from Dirty Thirty. Love to all.

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