Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hot Crossed Buns

So, I learned something from the United Church Observer this month, which served me well in my role as children's pastor at my church as an object lesson for the children's sermon on Easter Sunday. Did you know Hot Crossed Buns are more than just yummy rolls we eat on Easter? It's true!

The bread the buns are made of, and the raisins in them (dried grapes) are meant to remind us of Jesus' last supper with his disciples, a Passover Seder meal which Jewish observers still celebrate, and Christians commemorate in the sacrament of Communion or Eucharist. The cross seared into the top of the bun is of course to remind us of the crucifixion, and the spices used in the baking are to remind us of the women who found Jesus' empty tomb on that first Easter Sunday (they had brought spices to anoint his body). The shape of the bun itself is round, to remind us of the stone the risen Christ rolled away from his tomb.

So remember, whenever you eat one of those delicious, toastable buns on Easter, you are in fact eating the Easter story! :) I hope yours was a festive and joyous occasion - and for our Orthodox friends whose Easter is still to come - blessings to you as you await the miracle of Resurrection. :)

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Christa said...

My Nana's church always has hot cross buns on Good Friday, this year was her turn to bring them. When I asked her why they have hot cross buns she didn't know. I'll have to pass this on to her. Thanks for the lesson!