Friday, April 6, 2012

Home ... Easter Weekend

Well ... Miami was phenomenal and you are about to be able to hear all about it over at - check it out. Combine what is discussed there, with hotel pool lounging, lovely restaurants, a beach, and a historic tour of Miami, and we had a wonderful vacation - and well earned if I say so myself (which I wouldn't often, but it has been a BUSY several months, as anyone can tell from the sporadic blogging!). I'd hoped to post more wihle we were away, but it really turned into a VAY-CAY, and no apologies for enjoying that.

That said - after spending Palm Sunday surrounded by palm trees, we are now home for one of the most important times of year on the Christian calendar - today is Good Friday, historically observed as the day of Jesus' execution. Yesterday, a few of us at my church observed the Last Supper with a Tenebrae service (very intimate service involving communion and scripture - probably best described if you look it up); today we laid our worries at the foot of the cross in a Good Friday service. Tomorrow, we do the more secular 'Bunny' thing with my whole family ... and I mean WHOLE family (my side anyway) - my mother and step-father will be hosting us four, my brother, my grandmother, my dad and step-mother, for an Easter Egg hunt and dinner. Sunday will be obviously an important service at church, and hopefully the weather will be lovely enough to repeat last year's tradition of a picnic on Parliament Hill. Meanwhile, my father-in-law has been observing Passover by tangoing in Argentina - my mother in law will be joining him in a couple weeks' time.

It is a very holy and special time in both faiths observed here in the Daigen household; we hope that whichever you observe, it is good to both you and your family. And may all of your Good Friday crucifixions turn into Easter Sunday ressurections. Bless you all.

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