Monday, April 11, 2011

A Lovely Time ...

So it's been a busy few days - but worth it.

I usually make a point here of not talking too much about work, other than mentioning that yes I am a teacher, and yes, from time to time it keeps me busy. Occasionally, I might mention sometimes I wish it did moreso. But working both in education, and in youth ministry - in other words, with children - I tend to consider discretion and confidentiality a big part of professionalism, no matter which of my two work hats I'm wearing.

However, I had such a great experience this weekend that I wanted to share. My pastor, Ellie, and I awhile back came up with the idea that, as the Trinity United Church Sunday School has grown beautifully, and the parents spend a good deal of time after church chatting anyway, since our children's choir practices at that time, we should have a potluck lunch. That went down yesterday. Was it a busy time? Absolutely. Was it a lot of work? For sure. However ... seeing the kids play together so nicely, while having the chance to actually sit down and have a meaningful conversation with the parents I work with and get some good feedback on the children and family ministry at church, instead of a few hurried words on our way in and out of church, was fabulous for me. A good time was had by all, and while I went home and napped for an hour or three, it was well worth the effort - especially given it was all hands on deck as a potluck, and for cleanup afteward (Moms are great lol).

I felt very fulfilled in my work yesterday seeing it culminate in almost all of the people I work with gathering in one place ... being able to include my boys, and seeing LT and Little J have such a great time, was the icing on a very sweet cake. Anyone from Trinity who might meander over this way ... thank you very much for making yesterday such a Spirit-driven event in this Easter season. I enjoyed working, and socializing, together with all of you to make it happen. Much love and many blessings.

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