Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Back to the Polls

So it's all but official; amidst an earthquake and resulting tsunami in Japan, an uprising in Libya, government grinding slowly but surely towards a standstill in the US, Charlie Sheen's emotional breakdown and Elizabeth Taylor's sad passing today, that we, boring ole Canada, over the last week have held our government in contempt of Parliament (the very first time this has ever happened) for their un-transparent dealings (not recalling which specific scandal this was about ... the KAIROS scandal? ... In and Out? ... the refusal of a public inquiry about knowingly handing over military prisoners to potentially be tortured, with Parliament?), and the NDP announced they will not support the government's newly-tabled budget, becoming the last opposition party to withdraw its support, and meaning effectively a vote of non-confidence, meaning the government falls as it will not have enough votes to support its budget passing as a minority government.

Meanwhile, the Liberals tomorrow will be tabling a specific non-confidence motion to be voted on Friday. The government falls this week, which means an early-May election. Let the campaign begin!

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