Saturday, January 15, 2011

Watch the Tramcar, Please

Anyone who has ever been to Wildwood, NJ knows that expression - this quaint, doo-wop resort town has been a family vacation destination of mine since I was six weeks old, and is probably the spot with which I am most familiar on the Jersey Shore (sorry, JWoww and Sitch). It is definitely traditional beach-midway, with a long oceanside beach and a boardwalk running along it replete with amusement piers. Well - the easiest way to travel the 3km boards? By the yellow 'Sightseer' tramcar - whose warning to unsuspecting pedestrians is exactly that phrase, blared out on a megaphone at intervals.

Why do I bring this up now? Because this is where my family is planning to vacation this upcoming summer, my first time back in eight years, which in turn had been my first time back in ... oh about 4 or so. I can already taste Mack's Pizza, see the garish neon signs, hear the nasal tram warning ... so excited, in a very existential, circle-of-life kind of way, to be bringing my boys to a place I have almost literally known and loved all my life.

In my early research today to start doing some planning ahead for this holiday, I found an awesome new blog to share with you, if you are a Wildwood vet like me - check it out HERE, at And don't forget ... WTTCP! :D

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