Wednesday, July 21, 2010

They're coming!!! :)

Anyone who has been watching TNA wrestling of late knows to what I refer lol ... but it is not the Hardcore Legends I'm referring to, but my mom and my grandma! :) Hurray for visits from favourite-type peoples this weekend! :) This means a busy week - between my two jobs I'm putting in roughly 12-hour days, plus getting the house, y'know, 'Mom-clean' (come on, guys, each and every one of you with parental figures knows of what I speak) - but it will be so worth it to toast a lovely meal with my ladies when they get here.

Oh yeah - and they'll enjoy visiting Little Tyke too, just a little. :)

What's everyone else's plans for the weekend?

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Anonymous said...

Yay! How exciting :)

Don is taking Thursday and Friday off this week. We'll be tackling the house and shrinking our To-Do List. I'm hoping we'll get the majority of the stuff done before Saturday.

On Saturday, we're celebrating my Mom's bday (which isn't until the 27th). Depending on the weather we may hit up Toronto's Centre Island, Bingemans, or a get together at her house lol.

Sunday is going to be spent cleaning and visiting with my oldest sister-in-law.