Friday, February 6, 2009

Octuplet Mom

So first I'm sorry it's been awhile since I posted - this week hasn't been especially busy but boring as sin so I figured I'd spare you guys the "I ran errands ... I cleaned the house ... I changed the baby ..." running commentary.

But I did want to post this - as someone who worked very, VERY hard to prove that I'd be a good and responsible parent, this woman drives me nuts:

My thoughts:

  1. It is not selfish to be a working parent if you make the time you spend with your children quality - my husband works, and yet he takes on almost all the parenting duties from the time he comes in at night - I'll do the overnight feeding and change so he can get his sleep and be ready for work the next day, but he does more than his share. And to suggest that 'people have children who don't have time for them' is selfish - yes it is; it IS also selfish to have this number of children with no source of income.
  2. Fine you're going to school and will be gainfully employed; how do you have time to study AND take care of your children? And how will you have time to work and take care of your children? I'm sorry - to quote Ms. Suleman, "THAT (snarkily) is selfish" (fingerpoint).
  3. For the record this is not about being a single mom. One of my closest friends was a single mom at one point, and I know a few people at this point who are ultimately single moms, be it through having been single in the first place, or through separation and divorce. I think a one parent household in which love and happiness abound is actually more productive and a better place for children than an unhappy two parent household. But here's the thing. My friends who are parenting/have parented when single? They stopped at one, maybe two. Even my married friends, I have ONE friend who has three children. At our age, at this stage in the game, it's important to know what one can handle. Single or not, an unemployed student should not be having ONE child intentionally, much less fourteen.
And sorry if all of that comes off as judgemental - if you are poor/broke/unemployed and have a child (or two) and are doing your best to take care of them, I DO respect the hell out of you and apologize for any mis-speaking here that may give the impression I'm lumping those situations with this nut job. But that's the bottom line - she IS a nut job. Boo! on her.

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