Thursday, February 12, 2009

Life, as it happens

So it's been a good week - a bit less quiet and lazy than last, so I haven't been bored, but nothing too stressful either, which is nice. Little Tyke's had a couple of stressful days, I think he has some gas or something (I won't call it full blown colic, since I get the sense that leaves little people quite inconsolable, and he isn't, but he's definitely been very burpy/farty, and struggling a bit with eating; he still finishes his bottles, but I don't think it's quite the happy comfy process it used to be). But when it's not right *before* mealtime (hungry), during or *right* after (full and gassy), he's happier than ever. He's as chatty as Ari and I, with a steady stream of baby babble in full gear now, and very frequent smiles. His 'tummy time' is getting better, although he still gets tired of it pretty easily. We do a few, short sessions on his tummy every day instead of one or two longer ones.

LT andI went to the movies yesterday - around town there are some awesome programs called Movies for Mommies and Stars & Strollers which are great fun and a great way for new parents to get out of the house without it having to be errands, fast food or the mall. Now yesterday we fit the mall in too as the theatre is basically attached to it, lol, but it's still a nice alternative. We saw "Milk" (AWESOME, just AWESOME movie, very powerful last week, and yesterday saw "He's Just Not that Into You" which was actually surprisingly good; I expected it to mildly stink after reading some of the reviews, and don't get me wrong, it is exactly what it says it is. But it was enjoyable nonetheless.

So minus a bit of fussiness it's been an awesome few days, and a decent week actually. Today however I'm tired as LT woke me up at 7, two hours after he had his last bottle, only to drink about half of that one. No worries, except then he felt like playing and neither of us have REALLY been back to bed since. I'm also starting to get quite lonely, as Ari had errands to do so he left around 9 and I probably won't get to see him until around 8pm tonight. I'm not housebound at all, LT's easy to take shopping or for little walks or drives, but my friends are all busy working or parenting themselves, and my mom, who is usually my most constant companion other than those I live with lol, has been out of town for a month. So yeah - nothing really wrong, just sort of tired and blue. You all know and have those days too I'm guessing. But no worries. LT should wake up shortly, I'll give him a (proper) bottle, myself a shower, and it'll be on with the day! :) And if all else fails, hey, it's the weekend before we know it (YAAAY!)

Enjoy your Thursdays all.

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Alex @ I'm the Mom said...

If we lived closer, the kids and I could go over and visit more (or you to our house). It is hard and very easy to become lonely when you are a stay at home mom. I wish I had advice for you but I don't. I have yet to beat that myself. More so because I just refuse to join any Mommy & Me groups here in Brantford.

Big hugs. Know that I love you and that your friends and family love you. Treat yourself every day to a hot bubble bath and a good book.