Saturday, June 14, 2008


Oh thank Christ it's the weekend y'all ...

So tired. The week hasn't been bad but it's been busy and I've been TIRED. Doesn't get any easier from here - moving in less than two weeks! Closing day is Wednesday, and we move out of the apartment the following Thursday. Exciting times though ... just ...


Ari and I are cat-sitting for his parents. We got to their house around 9pm last night to take care of Gabe the kitty; we fell asleep on the floor at around 10pm, and woke up at 4am. Couldn't understand how we weren't tired enough to go right back to sleep ... but somehow did. Obviously needed it.

Today's been full of cats; took our little girl-kitty Lita to get microchipped. Upsetting experience, but she's relaxing comfortably at home now.

I need to learn to bowl. A friend needs to stop drinking. That's about it for the weekend.

Enjoy yours.

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