Sunday, June 15, 2008

Some wishes

First and most importantly, for Father's Day:

To my dad -
A strong, standup guy.
We disagree on politics,
And he's busier
Than we both would like
From time to time,
But he's my daddy,
And always will be.
Thank you for always loving me:
THAT I've always been sure of.

To my step-dad -
Who makes my mom so happy,
Who has gone above and beyond
With his step-children
As long as I've known him,
And who may act like a big bear,
But is a softy at heart
(We all know it).

And to my grampa -
Who may be getting older,
Who may be a step slower,
But who is still one of the people
I admire most in this world.
I salute you, Grampa,
And love you so much.

I would also like to wish happy birthday to a friend -
OK, a former friend.
I don't know if he even reads this - probably not -
But if he does - if you do:
I don't quite know why; I don't know why
We saw each other today
And didn't say hello;
I don't know why it has to be like that.
But I want you to know I'm thinking of you,
Have been thinking of you,
Am sad to be going through
One of the most exciting times of my life
Without someone I consider family.
But I hope you've found whatever peace
You needed to leave me behind to find.
Happy Birthday - and remember
My phone is always open to you.

Enjoy the last few hours of your weekend, all. Hug and hold close the people who matter most. XO

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