Tuesday, January 22, 2008

YES!!! YES!!! Can I get an amen? :D

After being told by my dear husband (hi honey! *waves*) several times over the course of the current U.S. presidential campaign that the nasty politics going on between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton was typical, good for democracy, to be expected, etc. and that I just needed to strengthen my overly-polite stomach, I now know I have the agreement of HIS candidate (AND MINE!), John Edwards. So I am now convinced I wasn't imagining it - Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton ARE acting like bickering kids. You need look no further than our own nation, and Chretien-Martin from the last decade or so, to see the permanent and awful damage such infighting can do to parties - and this election is too damn important.

GO JOHN! You'd have my vote if I had one (or for that matter, if anyone actually did directly in your country ... hmmm ...).

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