Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Dear Readers

Was going to take this opportunity
To introduce myself
Wife, daughter, sister,
Granddaughter, niece, cousin,
Lover of sophisticated things
(Wine, nice clothes)
And silly things
(Wrestling, Perez).
Except it is 11:10 pm, after 2 nights
Of 5-6 hours sleep
And the most accurate snapshot
Of me right now is summed up:
"I'm tired".

I'll try again tomorrow. Thank you for visiting.

PS ~
Where's the damn nav bar?
The funky thing at the top
That allows other Blogspot Bloggers
To find me, and me them?
And why can't I put my poll somewhere
That it doesn't interfere w/other text?
God damn it ... can't deal.
Bedtime. Nite - S.D.

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