Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Wildwood Days

So we're back from our wonderful trip to Wildwood New Jersey and life slows down for no one. From our drive down to Philadelphia and getting to spend a morning exploring that city, to enjoying the Jersey Shore for 5 days and all that entailed - the beach, the rides (new rides for both boys as they grew this year - Little Tyke went on his first roller coaster even!), the hotel pool, the deliciously crappy food (ask LT what kind of pizza we ate - Mack's!). A visit to New York - both relatives on the upper west side and the sights of south side, as we explored the 9/11 memorial, Staten Island Ferry and Battery Park - was fabulous, and even though it resulted in a long through-the-night drive home, none of us would trade anything.

And now we're back and life slows for no (wo)man, as Little J gradutes to a toddler bed ...

Amd Little Tyke begins Junior Kindergarten!

Today we went to meet his teacher for a half hour one on one interview; on Friday, he has a 'gradual entry day' where he attends school with half of his class. Tuesday will be his first 'full' day of school with all classmates etc. He is so excited and ready to go - he loves Mrs. R., his new teacher, and I think we're looking ahead to a great year.

Now, to get me back into routine ... with supply teaching, my children's ministry, and just generally life as a mom, wife, grownup ... I think I'm having more 'back to reality' pains than the kiddos!

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