Monday, August 6, 2012

Who Says You Can't Go Home?

Quoting Jon Bon Jovi ...

I was pretty ill this past week, only getting healthy in time to head back to Kitchener Waterloo (where Ari and I grew up) for the long weekend here in Ontario. It was lovely spending Saturday with Ari's parents, and seeing a couple of really good friends (hi Liz and Shari!) Saturday night ... it was tremendous seeing so many good friends and their growing children and families (ranging from 8 years old on down to 6 weeks old and even, 'a few days away from being born' on Sunday afternoon at Chuck E. Cheese in nearby Cambridge. We had originally been planning to meet said friends out at a splash pad, but weather made this not so possible.

Last night was awesome as my dad and step-mom babysat the boys and gave us a night out ... a FULL night out as they provided money for dinner, and a hotel room, etc. - the whole nine. It was a phenomenal experience to visit with them before and after that evening, and to have a date night (we've been spoiled in that regard of late though, off to see Wicked last weekend, despite being ill, and my mom will be watching the boys overnight NEXT weekend - getting our energy back for the Jersey Shore in 3 weeks lol).

Definitely nice being 'home' ... we miss everyone back there and were so glad to have an  extended weekend to make up for a really lousy trip (in terms of being able to see everyone and give them our full time and attention) this past Christmas. Hope to do it again soon, all, and thanks everyone for making it an amazing time.

It's all right, it's all right ...

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