Saturday, August 13, 2011

Summer Reading

Hi guys,

Just wanted to mention a couple of books I've read in the last week - the fact I've gone through two books this week tells you they weren't terribly difficult to read, and took little enough time I'm not adding them to my 101 book list - however, I wanted to share that, while somewhat (okay a lot) fluffy, they were fun reads and I'm sure if I thought about it I could criticize their quality as 'literature' ... but that's just it, I wasn't thinking. :)

UNTOLD STORY by Monica Ali documents what might have happened if Princess Diana had survived that car crash in Paris, only to fake her own death about a month later in a drowning/shark attack off the coast of Brazil, to go on to live undercover in small-town America. By far the smarter of these two books, it's still pulp lit, but a lot of fun, with a fair bit of thought put into it. Just because it's short-ish, and easy to read, I can imagine it having been a challenge to plot out and write - and I applaud Monica Ali for applying her talent as best she could to a real mass-appeal novel that will grab the tabloid-reading crowd, without being God-awful, or really even bad by any stretch.

SWEET VALLEY CONFIDENTIAL covers the lives of Sweet Valley High's famous Wakefield Twins, Elizabeth and Jessica, ten years and one huge falling out later. Updating everyone who grew up on the Sweet Valley pablum in their tweens and teens on the lives of the beautiful California girls and their friends, while this is the definition of drug store pulp, as a former SVH reader, I have to admit it was worth it if for nothing but the nostalgia factor. You'll be surprised who you root for - absolute trash, but of the most fun kind. :)

What has everyone else been reading this summer?

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