Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Where have I been?

Dear all,

The answer to the above question is, BUSY!

Working two jobs - even jobs that I'm reasonably enjoying - definitely drops the blog on the priority list; hope that's understandable. But I want to say we're well, we're happy, and our time has been well spent as we hit up Ogdensburg NY this past weekend for some cross-border shopping (and to take Little J's passport out for its first spin), as well as a beach day Sunday. This coming weekend the boys have a birthday party to go to, before getting some babysitting around their bedtime (so we don't miss out on their company - one of our biggest challenges especially both working full-time-and-then-some, is having couple time, without being away from the kids more than we already), so we can have a date night (thanks to our lovely neighbours T&C).

We're a month to the day away from our vacation. Can NOT wait - two days in Kitchener Ontario, our hometown, for Little J's 'naming' and birthday celebrations, before heading down to Wildwood, New Jersey, for some family friendly Jersey Shore time. :) We'll be heading home by way of New York City so we'll get to catch Ari's aunt, uncle and cousin then also.

Meanwhile though I'm still kickin' and thanks for bearing with me; I will do my very best now that I've gotten out from under a bit of a backlog in my one job, to keep up here. :) If not, hey, it's the summer - everything slows down except life itself apparently. Hope yours is going well!

XO Sarah

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