Monday, October 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Al!

Hi all - sorry it's been several days, this has been a big celebration weekend in our family, as Ari's dad turned 60. We had him, my mother-in-law, as well as Ari's aunt and uncle in town for the weekend. It was a lovely, tiring, busy, fantastic time, that we'll get to do all over again next month when Little Tyke turns 2 and Ari turns 29. Hurray for families gathering for fun, positive occasions.

BTW just as a note on politics, since yes I still follow that from time to time between teaching, pastor-ing, parenting, etc. - Toronto. All I have to say is ... HAHA! ;) No ... I joke. I honestly think one of the most immature and irresponsible people in Canadian politics was just elected mayor of Toronto. It is a sad day. Mike Harris, former Ontario premier, spoke at Rob Ford's victory rally - nuff said. At least Ottawa seems to have kept its head - in a fairly accurate reflection of the "B"-ish report card I'd give our current city council, a few incumbents were returned, some new faces were sent to the council table ... I think by and large I'm happy with the results.

Is this where we say we get the hockey team ... I mean ... government ... we deserve? ;) ((again ... honest, JOKES. As sad and depressed as this makes me, I am still a Leafs girl through and through ... the shame)).

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